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Skull Stainless Steel Whisky Coolers (Pair)

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If you like your drink undiluted by anything other than a bit of a spooky tenor, these stainless steel coolers will do the trick. Put them in the freezer for a few hours, then place them in your drink to cool it down, without tainting the flavor with ice.

They also make a great gift for the whisky lover in your life. This gift set comes with two skulls, so they're perfect for getting said whisky lover to share that special bottle with you.

Great with whisky, vodka, rum, or any other spirit. These even work with—hear me out here—beer or wine. How many times have you forgotten to put it in the fridge, then been stuck with lukewarm wine? These won't water it down, so you can drink cold wine while you wait for the freezer to chill the rest of the bottle.


  • Stainless steel—will never rust or affect the flavor of your drink
  • Special gel locked inside will hold onto cool and transfer it to your booze
  • Comes as a pair, to share with a friend or double your freeze

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